A dedicated realtor and caring manager

“A dedicated realtor and caring manager who believes in doing his 100% best. Mark is always thinking of new ideas, new methods and new initiatives for his sales and team. He always places his customers and associates as his priority!” Vincent Tay, Associate Group Division Director

I have seen the tremendous growth

“I have seen the tremendous growth in his production since he re-enters the real estate industry, walking the ground and rendering fullest support to his team of associates. If you want to know his success formula, catch him now”. Aaron Wan, Senior Group District Director

A selfless and inspiring leader

“A selfless and inspiring leader who excel in a short span of time since he re-joined the industry. In addition, Mark is someone who believes in leading by example, he has gone through what a new agent has to do on the ground such as door knocking, roadshow and telemarketing.” Karen Tan, Associate Group Director